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August 13, 2014
Contact: Ryan Lothrop, (360) 902-2808

Coho fishing opens Aug. 16 south of Foulweather Bluff

OLYMPIA – The waters south of Foulweather Bluff in Marine Area 9 will open to salmon fishing beginning Aug. 16.

Anglers fishing that area, south of a line from Foulweather Bluff to Olele Point, will have a daily limit of two salmon, but must release chum and chinook salmon. The area was closed to protect mid-Hood Canal chinook.

“With the chinook season wrapping up and a strong run of coho expected, we are able to open the area two weeks early this year,” said Ryan Lothrop, Puget Sound recreational salmon manager for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Through Aug. 15, anglers fishing Marine Area 9 north of Foulweather Bluff can retain hatchery chinook, as part of their two-salmon daily limit. Beginning Aug. 16, anglers in Marine Area 9 must release all chinook salmon and chum. For details on regulations, check the fishing rules pamphlet, which is available on the department’s website at

Lothrop reminds anglers to respect private property adjacent to Salsbury Point Park.

Chinook from Pilot Point

Catching Chinook August 10 from Pilot point to Point no Point

I finally found some kings. I started trolling pilot point at 5:45 am Sunday with the current toward point no point. We were trolling about 2.5 mph in 200 feet of water just between the contour lines on the map. At first light the bite was on. We were 95 feet of line on the down rigger. Trolling the green flasher and the watermelon coho killer got all the action. The coho killer was tied about 3 feet back off the flasher. We had 4 on.  Got 3 in the boat. But one was a little guy so we threw him back. Kept two nice kings.  We were done by 6:45am. It was crazy. We had a fish on every time we dropped the gear. Awesome!
Let me know how you are doing.
I saw they closed area 10 for chinook.
Fish on!!!
Chinook from Pilot Point

Chinook from Pilot Point

Catching Coho at Point no Point

We caught 2 coho at point no point on Saturday September 13
5:20 pm
just south of the Hansville store
90 feet of water
40 feet of line
trolling at 3mph
white hoochie & green flasher
Hooked up the second coho at 5:50 pm
east of Point no Point lighthouse about 150 yards
200 feet of water
70 feet of line
trolling at 2.8mph
cop car coho killer and green flasher

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